Welcome to COL!

Welcome to COL!

You are welcome to the College of Law Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti, where students and staff stretch each other’s imagination by asking questions and challenging assumptions, in accordance with the great vision of the University’s Founder, Aare Afe Babalola, SAN. The core function of the College is to educate law students to imbibe integrity, ethics and identity, as well as motivate them to extend the use of their legal skills beyond the classroom—say, into their roles as citizens.


The College, whose personnel are imbued with the supremacy of objective academic analysis as the unique method for dealing with any particular problem, is well positioned in terms of human and material resources to provide range of knowledge, skills and practicalities of law, including those that will allow law students to learn and to respond flexibly not just to changes in the law but changes in technology, in increasing global interaction and in an increasingly competitive job market. The College has a track-record of successful consulting assignments – particularly as they affect the high standards of learning, equity of opportunity, tremendous achievement and promises to help other Nigerian university law colleges/faculties that are due for an accreditation visitation by the Council of Legal Education.


Our mission is to produce world class academic and professional lawyers capable of stimulating more nuanced thinking about the impact, effects and contributions of the law in a context of rapid and diverse changes in the policies, processes and products of legal education around the world. We are moving ahead, championing educational excellence for our students through technology to realise two key strategies for success after graduation— efficiency and collaboration. Welcome to the fast-growth flagship College of Law with a stellar reputation to attest to its success.

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